For all my people in the streets…..If God forbid you lose a brother, cousin, uncle or homie, etc. I don’t want to see or hear any crying hysterically, no throwing yourself in the coffin n all that. Why do all that because y’all are out in the streets living a life that this comes with. Yes, it is a government placed system that we are falling victims to. But, we can change it, starting with our people that are trapped by the system. So here’s a new challenge….the #ChangeStartsWithUsChallenge

Here’s how it works:

Make a real, serious and conscious effort to change and educate yourself to get out the streets contributing to actions that are killing our people AND enforce those same efforts on the shorties in your hood and your guys and then, ONLY THEN, we can cry hysterically and try to throw ourselves in the coffin!!!!! Because after years of the #ChangeStartsWithUsChallenge losing a brother, cousin, uncle or homie, etc. will be an act of God and not us being killed over senseless bullshit and blocks n shit that we don’t own anyway!!!!!


For those of us in the streets or those not in the streets, if you take part of the #ChangeStartsWithUsChallenge, video record what your doing and post it with this hashtag. Anything from recording yourself educating your kids about getting out the streets, offering jobs, going to apply for a job, doing something for the community, helping kids in your hood or anything to show positivity and progress.

Thank you for listening!

P.S. And for anyone this pissed off I hope you’re mad enough to think to yourself “Damn, I guess he right”. I am not condemning anybody because I use to be out there but my kids made me realize life is WAAAYYYYYY more than the streets. This 1 life is about being successful, making your mark in this world and leaving a legit and lasting legacy!!! Being a real man not a real nigga(er)